October 31, 2009

Review: Glamour Doll Eyes Lip Balms

As you may know I have several Glamour Doll Eyes shadows which I absolutely adore! When Vanessa and Mel put the video up about it on October 16, I ordered right away! I got two emails that day saying that my order was processing, and 5 hours later it was processing my card. The next morning I got an email saying it shipped! Which is great service! Vanessa came together with Mel (makeupbymingles) who are good friends in real life, and, the Goody Balms were born! The 6 shades have an 80s theme! GDE makes all products by hand, and the Goody Balms are all made by Mel! The come in 5g clear jars with adorable cardstock labels. Note that: Shipping is included in the Goody Balm price, so if you order shadows and balms in one cart they will be shipped seperately. They are $5 each which is a great deal, especially because it include shipping. You can also purchase all 6 for $24, and if you buy this set, you can save $6.
The shades are as follows:
Jelly Bracelet light pink, smells like cherries
Lace Glovesbright yellow, made with GDE shade Electric Lemonade, smells like coconut
Leg Warmers rich purple, made with GDE shade Glam Girl, smells like bubble gum
Neon Lights gorgeous green, made with GDE shade Shamrock, smells like vanilla and mint
Material Girl bright pink, smells like sugared strawberries
Roller Rink gorgeous silver and blue, made with GDE shades Melancholy and Makin' A Scene, smells like coconute milk and juicy peaches!

I was so excited when October 21st rolled around, and I had a package from Goody Balm! When I looked at my Goody Balm, it said Leg Warmers, I said hmm? I didn't order this? I contacted Mel and Vanessa and they felt so bad about it they were going to send me Material Girl what I originally ordered, and that I could keep Leg Warmers! This really showed me how great the girls are at what they were doing. I absolutely adore both of them and I truly appreciate Mel and Vanessa for being such amazing people!

The balms have subtle shimmer, and the scent lasts a really long time on your lips, the flavors will make you want to eat it right up! These are tinted, so the pigmentation will depend on your lip shade. For me they show up with a pretty shine. These are not meant to be worn as lipsticks or lipglosses. I can't wait until the new fall ones come out because from what I have seen on twitpic they look great!

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