October 26, 2009

Tip du Jour: Depot MAC Eye Shadows

Here's a quick and easy method to depot your MAC eyeshadows. You can use this method to depot blushes or any other items in similar packaging.

Magnet sheet
Eye shadow

Light your candle
Take your tweezers inbetween the pot and small holder. Gently push it up.

Hold it with the tweezers above the flame until you can see the silver pan.

Gently push it through the black holder.

This is what it should look like after the above step.

Hold the pot over the flame again, and gently remove label. Cut out a small magnet peice and place it over the pan underside.

Put the label over the back, no glue is required because it is still sticky from removing it from the pots bottom.

Place it in your palette and enjoy your shadows! Also, you can turn in any 6 containers from MAC, and at a counter get a lipstick, and at a store an eye shadow, lipgloss, or lipstick.

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