February 22, 2010

Review: L'Oreal Go 360 Clean Cream Cleanser

I am loving the new L'Oreal Go 360 Clean Cream Cleanser. There are four different cleansers available. They are; Deep Facial Cleanser, Deep Facial Cleanser for Sensitive Skin, Deep Exfoliating Scrub, and Deep Cream Cleanser. This is the first pore by pore cleanser with a scrublet. A scrublet is a flexible to activate cleansing forumla on contact. There is 6.7 oz in a container and each cleanser is oil-free and is in a different color. It smells very minty, but my nose is kind of stuffed up so that scent may not be totally accurate. I have never tried a "pore by pore" cleanser, so I was excited to receive this! Usually I wet the scrublet, pour some cleanser onto the scrublet, and rub onto my skin in circular motions. It's good to use in the morning, because it really wake you up. I don't really see a difference in my pore size, but then again I never really noticed them. I will continue to use the bottle up, and might repurchase this if nothing better comes along.

February 16, 2010

Review: Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner

I had been on the hunt for this item for a while, and I finally found it! The Aussie 3 Minute Miracle is amazing, here are my thoughts:

I have used it 4 times, and I have gotten a good impression of it! You can purchase it on CVS.com for $3.22. It has 8fl oz in the container, and the actual container is pretty cool. It has ridges on the side, so you can easily get the product out. There is no cap on it, so you just squeeze the bottle, and voila! Be careful where you store it, so it won't get any product out when you don't want to use it.

It smells very sweet, almost like gummy bears. It makes my hair feel so smooth after having it in my hair for 3 minutes! Even if you don't get this, I reccomend using a deep conditioner because your hair is more prone to drying out in the winter.