March 24, 2010

Gift Guide: Easter 2010

Even though I don't celebrate Easter I still think it's a fun holiday! Here are a few suggestions for the kids, men, women, and others in your life! All gifts are in the $30 or less range.

If they like baths...
Price range $3.95-$24.95
Of course a Lush giftset! And what a better way to take a bath then with lush?!? Lush released 5 products for Easter, 3 single items, and 2 giftsets. Take your pick!

If they have a sweet tooth...
Price range $4-$25
I know I have a sweet tooth, and if you know somebody who has one, Godiva has a ton of great goodies this Easter, from a 1oz milk chocolate chick, to the 9oz Bertie milk chocolate bunny! You are bound to find something at Godiva, or any other chocolate specialty store.

If they are a kid...
Price range $5-$15
What better thing to bring them than toys? In fact, at Toys R Us they are having an Easter sale, but it's only March 26-27.

If the are a fashionista...
Price range $2.80-$30
Clothing stores auh as Charlotte Russe and Forever 21 are really good with having adorable clothes and accesories for super afforable prices!

If you need something for a man...
Price range $15-$30
Mavis is currently having a great sale, 25-50% off of spring essentials. Maybe a new leather belt or a nice tie or pair of chinos.
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