September 13, 2010

Meeting Elle & Blair Fowler

Yesterday I was so excited to travel to New York with my mom and sister, and I got the amazing oppurtunity to meet Elle (allthatglitters21) & Blair (juicystar07) Fowler, the fabulous youtube dynamic duo! The meet up was held at the Maybelline Pop-Up Store at 1701 Broadway&54th from 3-5pm. We got there at 2:30 andwaited in line until 4:15 until actually being able to meet them! They also twittered that there were a total of 445 people there! There were many girls walking around in CVS white tops giving updates on the line as well as face charts we could get signed by Elle & Blair. There was also a camera crew, and someone who seemed like he was a producer? Not exactly sure for what- I will update when I find out. There was also a girl with a smaller video camera filming the crowd for Elle & Blair's personal videos. It was also raining and 60 degrees outside, but everyone stuck around!

We were sent inside in groups, and each person could go up individually and talk with them for a minute or two, take a photo with them, and get an autograph. Elle & Blair had mentioned that it was possible for us to stick around afterwards, but when I asked some of the people working why there was a group sitting inside, they said they had won a contest of some sort and were waiting to talk with them after?

Overall it was really fun, even though I just got to talk with them for a minute! They were so sweet, and they are even more gorgeous in person then online! (Blair even told me that she had the same shirt I did but in maroon :)

Picture time!
The crowd outside!

A sign outside.

The sign on the door outside, note they spelled their last name w
rong. Folwer instead of Fowler.

The set-up inside! We had just finished talking with them!

My signed face chart! (Blair signed on the left, Elle on the right.)

Elle, Blair, me, and my sister!

The quality isn't that good because they were taken on my Blackberry. The smiley face over my sister is there because she didn't want her face shown.

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