March 4, 2012

Beauty Sales: Week of March 4th

  • Michael Todd Cosmetics, ReFa PRO, theBalm (Sale begins 8am PT 3/5)
  • Valera Haircare Appliances (Sale begins 8am PT 3/6)
  • Barielle (Sale begins 8am PT 3/7)
  • Beauty Addicts, Best Teeth Whitening, Ecru New York (Sale begins 8am PT 3/9)
  • La Fresh (Sale begins 8am PT 3/10)

    • DermaNew (Sale begins Noon ET 3/4)
    • Chi, GHD, E.V.A, and more (Sale begins Noon ET 3/8)
    • Votre Vu (Sale begins 9am PT 3/5)
    • Basq Skincare (Sale begins 9am PT 3/6)
    • Bubalina: Organic Beauty, Hands and Nails: The Essentials (Sale begins 9am PT 3/9)
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