March 13, 2012

Spray Tanning FAQ and Tips

Spring and summer are upon us ladies! So out comes neon nails, toned tummies, and sexy skin! Now, skin cancer is not hot at all- so avoid the tanning beds at all costs, and I'm no health expert but type in 'melanoma' or 'skin cancer' into google for the effects of tanning beds and booths. A better alternative- spray tanning.

How much does it cost?
Prices will vary based on your tanning salon, so do some research into your local tanning salons and see if any offer packages (ie. 4 tans for $45)

Will it turn me orange?
Hopefully it won't, so take precautions (see TIPS section below) to avoid looking like a carrot.

How long will it last?
Usually, color will begin appearing a few hours after the spray tan, and will last between 5-7 days, but some may last less or more.

Is it safe?
DHA has been approved by the FDA and is considered nontoxic and noncarcinogenic, so basically- yes it is safe.

What should I wear for the spray tan?
Women typically wear a dark bikini/bathing suit, or go nude.

  • DO Exfoliate and shave your entire body before going into the salon
  • DO NOT Apply lotion, cream, body butter, etc. before going in because this can give your body a streaky appearance and your color will not last as long
  • DO Listen to the worker who can give you additional knowledge and advice
  • DO NOT Wear tight, lightly colored clothing - instead opt for loose, dark clothing to avoid any transfer of color onto your clothes
  • DO Apply the protective barrier cream to your knuckles, knees, elbows, and in-between your toes and fingers to avoid dark orange streaks
  • DO NOT Shower for at least 8 hours after your tan to avoid streaks
Enjoy your healthy glow!
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