April 19, 2012

Meeting Whitney Port

This evening I was lucky enough to attend an event hosted at a local ApricotLane Boutique hosted by Whitney Port.

Now if you haven't heard of Ms. Port, you can't say you were an MTV watcher a few years ago. Whitney started off with Lauren Conrad as a Teen Vogue intern in the first episode of The Hills (a show I still watch reruns of). Whitney became a recurring character, but soon left the sunny streets of LA where she worked for cutthroat Kelly Cutrone at People's Revolution, for a new job at Diane von Furstenberg's headquarters in New York City. She has since written her own book, and developed two clothing lines. whitney eve, and her latest WE by whitney eve; a less expensive line carried exclusively at ApricotLane boutiques.

(l-r) my sister, Whitney Port, and me

Whitney was so sweet and looked amazing in her outfit (she even had neon green toes under her sparkly kitten heels). Everything from her line is to die for, from lavender shorts to a flowy apricot tank. The party guest filled the door to take photos with the glowing Ms. Port who also helped girls style her pieces with other items from the boutique. All in all it was a great experience, and I loved meeting one of my style inspirations!

You can also read a post on Whitney's celebuzz (she even posted the photo [see above] of us together that I sent to her on twitter)

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