June 15, 2012

Review: The 'MINT' Lines

Established: October 2010
What They Sell: Jewelry
Celebrity: Kate Bosworth
Designer/Curator: Cher Coulter
My Thoughts: This was the first e-commerce site launched by BeachMint, and to this day it is probably the most well known and most popular of the sites. The jewelry styles range from classic to trendy but many options are available for you to choose from at all times in a variety of tones and sizes.

Established: July 2011
What They Sell: Clothing
Celebrity: Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen
Designer/Curator: Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen
My Thoughts: The clothes are super comfortable and are well-made for an inexpensive price. The only complaint I have is that sizing is very difficult to determine- I ordered a skirt in a size 3 (M or 6-8), but it ended up being huge and I had to exchange it for a 1 (XS or 0-2).

Established: October 2011
What They Sell: Skincare
Celebrity: Jessica Simpson
Designer/Curator: Nerida Joy
My Thoughts: I believe this is the least talked about and least popular of the brands. Skincare is hard to sell, especially when many are happy with their routine. I love my current skincare regimen so for right now I will stay away from ordering from beautyMINT.

Established: November 2011
What they sell: Shoes
Celebrity: Rachel Bilson
Designer/Curator: Nicole Chavez & Steve Madden
My Thoughts: I have yet to order a pair of shoes from shoeMINT because my shoe size can vary between a 9.5-11 depending on the brand and style. I love all the styles of shoes and am interested to try a pair soon.

Established: May 2012
What they sell: Home Decor
Celebrity: Justin Timberlake
Designer/Curator: Estee Stanley
My Thoughts: While I love home decor and interior design, I rarely purchase home decor items for my apartment (as I live with my father). I love the items on here and the price points vary but seem reasonable for the items.

Established: June 2012
What they sell: Intimates
Celebrity: Brooke Burke-Charvet
Designer/Curator: Brooke Burke-Charvet
My Thoughts: The site launched this week, and I am very impressed by their selection of intimates, sleepwear, and more. I will be placing an order in the near future for sure.
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