July 9, 2012

Meeting Shay Mitchell & Ann Shoket

On Saturday June 7th, my sister and I headed to the Union Square Barnes & Noble in New York City for a magazine and book signing hosted by Seventeen Magazine with Shay Mitchell from ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars signing her August cover, and Ann Shoket the editor in chief of Seventeen Magazine signing the new Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Beauty Book.
The backdrop for the event

We arrived to the shooting of Seventeen's Beauty Smartie Showdown around 11:45am and stood in the 'mosh pit' area while they filmed the finale episode of Seventeen's Beauty Smartie Showdown. After some cleanup, they began the signing around 1:45pm and we stood until at least 3pm where we were seated and were so close to meeting Shay and Ann!
Shay filming the finale with the contestants

They announced that anyone who had a Ultimate Guide to Beauty Book could go up to meet Ann because she had another commitment she had to get to since the signing was running so late because of all the people there, so we headed up and spoke with Ann for a few minutes before she signed our books and we took photos with her.
Ann and I

Finally, at around 4:15pm, our row of seats got called up to meet Shay, we were both shaking and stood in line to meet Shay. When we finally got up there she greeted us both with a big hug and you could tell from talking to her that she is genuinely a sweet and amazing girl! She looked radiant in a flowy yellow Erin Fetherson dress paired with a sparkly silver belt and silver heels. She signed our magazines and thanked us for coming and we left with big smiles!

Shay and I

We were thanked by an attendant at the end and were each handed a gift bag filled with two Seventeen bags, a Cover Girl mascara, and a headband.
The goodie bag

Thank you Shay, Ann, Barnes & Noble, and to everyone who made the event possible and so fun!
My signed magazine and book
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