August 22, 2012

Tips for the Hostess with the Mostess

Freeze small fruit pieces (blueberries, strawberry bits, raspberries) onto cute skewers for a fun addition to any drink.

For a cute addition to a hot drink, freeze your favorite kind of chocolate with decorative sprinkles on top into a spoon and use as a hot chocolate stirrer, or maybe even for coffee for a really decadent treat.

Label cheeses with chalk on a slate board and add various garnishes (honey, sprigs of mint, assorted nuts) for an update to the typical plate of cheese and crackers.

For a chic and easy centerpiece, throw seasonal pieces into jars for a decorative accent. In the spring+summer, place citrus into clear vases, in the fall opt for seasonal candy (candy corn is my favorite!), and in the winter, go for silver and blue ornaments.

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