October 25, 2012

Lauren Conrad's Book Signing

In honor of Lauren Conrad's two new books: Beauty, and Starstruck- book stores around the US are hosting events! Luckily, a local Barnes & Noble held a book signing last Wednesday, and of course I took advantage of the event and headed that way.

My copy of Lauren's new book with her signature inside
I got into line with my sister around 3:30 and we waited in line until 5:30 when they started handing out numbered wristbands, and luckily we were in the first 50 group so we knew it was guaranteed that we would meet her early! We ran out to get a quick dinner before arriving back to Barnes & Noble to get into another line where we patiently waited to meet her.

 Shot's of Lauren while I was waiting in line
Lauren was rocking her signature wavy hair and a gorgeous cream-sicle colored Erin Fetherson dress that looked amazing on her skin tone! She was so sweet (even though we couldn't take a photo with her because of her signing policies) it was still amazing to have the chance to meet her! 
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