December 16, 2012

Beauty Sales: Week of December 16th

  • Molton Brown: Luxe Bath & Body Sets (Sale begins Noon ET 12/17)

  • STOP THE WATER (Sale begins 11am ET 12/19)
  • Blush Box Subscription (Sale begins 11am ET 12/20)

  • 3Rx Skin Therapy, Clear Rayz (Sale begins 8am PT 12/17)
  • Bleeding Heart Cosmetics, Boo Bamboo Haircare, FHI Heat (Sale begins 8am PT 12/18)
  • Christi Harris Precision Brow System, myfaceworks (Sale begins 8am PT 12/19)
  • Blend Mineral Cosmetics, Tweezerman (Sale begins 8am PT 12/20)

  • Dead Sea Spa Care, Let It Glow: Beaute Basics (Sale begins 9am PT 12/17)
  • Panier des Sens, StriVectin (Sale begins 9am PT 12/18)
  • Freeze 24-7: Age-Less Skincare, Smooth it Out: Hair Accessories (Sale begins 9am PT 12/19)
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