January 13, 2013

Beauty Sales: Week of January 13th

  • Best Teeth Bleaching, MOR Cosmetics Essentials Hand & Body Wash Set (Sale begins 8am PT 1/13)
  • Goldfaden Skincare, Liquid Keratin, TruDerma (Sale begins 8am PT 1/14)
  • Fahrenheit Hair Tools, Naturelle d'Argan (Sale begins 8am PT 1/15)
  • NutraLuxe MD (Sale begins 8am PT 1/16)
  • BleachBright Teeth Whitening System, Pure Inventions (Sale begins 8am PT 1/17)
  • Ethos Skincare, GLOSS Moderne, Izunami (Sale begins 8am PT 1/18)

  • Up to 65% Off: GHD Hair Tools (Sale begina 9am PT 1/15)
  • Essence of Vali (Sale begins 9am PT 1/16)
  • Actifirm: Anti-Aging Skincare (Sale begins 9am PT 1/17)
  • Eva NYC Haircare, Lotus: All Nautral Makeup (Sale begins 9am PT 1/18)
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