September 5, 2013

Feeling Good Inside & Out

As I try to find balance between the changes currently going on in my life associated with moving to college, these are a few tips that are guiding me along my journey and will hopefully be beneficial to you as well. 

Prioritize and Organize
-Prioritze everything from who you surround yourself with, to how you spend and make the most of your time. As a working college student who is also trying to have a social life, rush a sorority, and land an internship, I know all about multi-tasking and I haven't been in school that long. Make lists that you can keep on your phone and computer and break them down into what you have to do each day, organized in order of importance.
-Organization is one of the biggest keys to my success. I keep my room both at home and at school clean and know exactly where everything is. If you take something out, put it back when you're done with it, whether it's your clothes or your books. Also, storage containers, folders, drawer organizers, and more are your friends! Utilize your space big or small to be the most functional and organized.

Hydrate and Moisturize
-If the fact that without water you would die isn't enough to get you drinking water, how about how it clears your skin, can help you drop a few pounds with a fiber-rich diet, and works as a natural toxin in your body. I drink strictly water, coffee, and occasionally chocolate milk because soda just isn't my thing. Aside from being sugary, soda bloats your stomach because of all the air bubbles your swallowing. Water is truly the way to go, and if you get bored, use sugar-free flavoring.
-When I look at my mom's speckled skin from years of going in the sun, I'm appreciative for my pale damage-free skin. But wrinkles and stretch marks come up faster than you think. Moisturize your body every day with a natural moisturizer to prevent stretch marks, and 30 years down the line you'll be glad you did.

Strengthen and Nourish
-You don't have to be rail thin to be fit or in shape. Typically, I work out 1-1.5 hours 5x a week and spend equal amounts of time doing strength exercises (crunches, leg presses, bicep curls) and cardio (treadmill, elliptical). To make the time go faster, create a playlist you love to listen to during strength and bring something to occupy you during cardio such as a movie on your phone, a book or magazine, or even school work to make the most of your time.
-A healthy diet goes hand in hand with exercising. Fill your body with healthy fats such as nuts and avocado over sugary sweets. However, don't deprive yourself! If you're craving a milkshake, treat yourself! But make sure you balance out that milkshake with a salad and grilled chicken instead of a loaded burger.

P.S. Here's an amazing piece I recently read on about 20 Things You Need to Let Go of to be Happy.
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