October 3, 2013

Dorm Tour 2013

Keep your closet clean! Get skinny hangers that have built-in cascading hooks on them to stack your clothes and create space (i.e. huggable hangers). Also put shoes and other items on the bottom such as shoes.
p.s. count the stripes! if you can't tell I have a bit of an addiction to striped tops :)

Decorate your space! These awkward gray squares are built into the windows so I am using it as an inspiration board with various magazine clippings. Posters are also a great way to spruce up plain walls!

Decorate your space! I love the look of my desk with pretty things on it that I love like perfume, nail polish, jewelry, and pictures.

Utilize under your bed! As you can see (hopefully) I lofted my bed with risers to give me a little more space for food, shower products, shoes, and an under bed storage container that holds sweatshirts and towels that are too bulky for drawers.

Take advantage of every bit of space you have! I used the top of my wardrobe to store miscellaneous items like extra shaving creams, cleaning supplies, my mini steamer, and more. 
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