December 22, 2013

Beauty Sales Week of December 22nd

  • Luxury Beauty: Up to 80% Off (Sale begins Noon ET 12/25)
  • Cosmo Skincare: Up to 75% Off (Sale begins Noon ET 12/26)
  • Get Gorgeous: Ultra-Glam Beauty Picks (Sale begins Noon ET 12/28)

  • Argan Magic: Hair & Body Care, Bellezza Hair Tools (Sale begins 8am PT 12/22)
  • France Luxe, Ready To Wear Beauty (Sale begins 8am PT 12/23)
  • Dara Z Cosmetics, Epilady, M Lab Skincare (Sale begins 8am PT 12/24)
  • Dermabrush, Eve Pearl, Kiehl's (Sale begins 8am PT 12/25)
  • Gifts You Didn't Get: Laura Mercier Holiday Sets (Sale begins 1pm PT 12/25)
  • Ahava Skincare, Naked Princess (Sale begins 8am PT 12/26)
  • Amore Classic Wet To Dry Flat Iron, DECLEOR Paris Skincare, Orly Smart Gels (Sale begins 8am PT 12/27)
  • Fusion Beauty, Sibu Beauty (Sale begins 8am PT 12/28)

  • Pamper Yourself (Sale begins 9am PT 12/27)
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