March 2, 2014

Beauty Sales Week of March 2nd

  • Go Smile Teeth Whitening (Sale begins Noon ET 3/3)
  • Top Pro Beauty Tools (Sale begins Noon ET 3/4)
  • Erno Laszlo Skincare (Sale begins Noon ET 3/5)
  • Spring Getaway: Beauty Essentials (Sale begins Noon ET 3/6)
  • Best of Beauty: Skincare Essentials (Sale begins Noon ET 3/8)

  • Argan Magic Haircare, Best Teeth Bleaching (Sale begins 8am PT 3/2)
  • Pur Minerals, Skin & Co. Roma (Sale begins 8am PT 3/3)
  • Mai Couture, Sibu Beauty (Sale begins 8am PT 3/4)
  • Beauty's Most Wanted, Dermabrush (Sale begins 8am PT 3/5)
  • Men's Fragrances (Sale begins 1pm PT 3/5)
  • Dazzle Pro Teeth Whitening (Sale begins 8am PT 3/6)
  • Spring Fashion: Three Custom Color Cosmetics (Sale begins 1pm PT 3/6)
  • theBalm Cosmetics, Trend Tweeze (Sale begins 8am PT 3/7)
  • Makeover Essentials Cosmetics, Million Dollar Tan (Sale begins 8am PT 3/8)

  • Most Wanted: Cosmetics & Palettes (Sale begins 4pm PT 3/2)
  • Italian Designer Fragrances (Sale begins 9am PT 3/4)
  • Natural Beauty: Healthy Skincare (Sale begins 9am PT 3/5)
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