May 25, 2014

Beauty Sales: Week of May 25th

  • Luxe Hair Essentials feat. GHD (Sale begins Noon ET 5/28)
  • Flawless Summer Skin Must-Haves (Sale begins Noon ET 5/29)
  • Favorite Beauty Finds Under $50 (Sale begins Noon ET 5/30)

  • Whitening Lightning (Sale begins 8am PT 5/25)
  • Hair Tools Blowout (Sale begins 4pm PT 5/25)
  • #ManiMonday: Orly Smart Gels, Sugar Cosmetics (Sales begin 8am PT 5/26)
  • Argan Magic Haircare, Makeover Essentials Cosmetics (Sales begin 8am PT 5/27)
  • Dermatouch, Mario Badescu (Sales begin 8am PT 5/28)
  • Fusion Beauty, Nailed It! China Glaze & Seche Vite (Sales begin 8am PT 5/29)
  • Brush On Block, Crown Brush, HAIRrage Mini Set, Pure Brazilian Keratin Treatment (Sales begin 8am PT 5/30)
  • Hairdo Hair Extensions, Proliss Hair Tools (Sales begin 8am PT 5/31)

  • $29 & Under: Beauty Essentials (Sale begins 9am PT 5/25)
  • Skip the Salon: Hairstyling Essentials (Sale begins 9am PT 5/27)
  • The Bride: Beauty Essentials (Sale begins 9am PT 5/28)
  • A Day at the Spa (Sale begins 9am PT 5/30)

  • How To Get Beach Hair Featuring SARAHPOTEMPA (Sale begins 11am ET 5/29)
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