July 28, 2014

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things: July 2014

Stay With Me by Sam Smith: I've been listening to this for a little over a month now and I'm not sick of it yet! It's relaxing and something you can totally belt out to while driving.

Physician's Formula Youthful Wear Spotless Foundation: I watched a review from itsjudytime on this product a while back comparing it to the new Bare Minerals foundation which I was also interested in trying, but opted to go with this one because of the price. The only downside is that if it's dark on me now and I'm on the tanner side, I won't be able to wear it in the fall and winter when I'm not so tan. Expect a full review this week. 

Essie 'Haute In The Heat' Nail Polish: This was in the amazing goodie bag I received at the Her Campus Intercollegiette Conference two weeks ago and I have had it on my toes ever since. It's no surprise I love Essie polishes but this color is great. It's the perfect mid-tone pink and I can see wearing this all year round.

NYX Yogurt Jumbo Pencil: This is the perfect light pink champagne base for almost any nude eye look. I've had it for quite some time and I'm honestly surprised it has lasted this long without running out or drying out.

Fake Bake Instant Faux Glo (℅): After spending a day this month in quite possibly the worst outfit possible for walking around outside on a hot overcast day (t-shirt and flawy pants) I got quite the farmer's and v-neck tan and no color on my legs. To compensate until I can actually get a more all-over color from being in the sun, I've been using this. Read my full review I did last month for more details.

Smith's Rosebud Salve: I've been using this for years and was good about using it at college every night before bed but stopped using it since I've been home up until recently. I've gotten back into the swing of exfoliating and moisturizing every night before bed (exfoliating every day may seem excessive, but my lips get chapped pretty easily) and this is a staple.

Jamba Juice 'Caribbean Passion' At Home Smoothie Kit (℅): I've been getting more into drinking my fruits and veggies for the day, and this kit makes it so easy! I received a coupon in my Surfs Up Vox Box from Influenster but have bought a few additional kits throughout the month.

My weekend trip to New York City for the Her Campus Intercollegiette Conference was the highlight of the month. I spent all day Saturday at the conference, and Sunday going to the spa, before walking The High Line, eating at Lombardi's, and exploring downtown with a friend. 
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