July 23, 2014

Review: Bliss49 in New York, NY

Last time I was in New York, I decided to finally try out Bliss Spa after always passing by the Bliss Spa in Boston which is not far from where I live and hearing great things about their services. I opted for Bliss49 at the W Hotel because of their QuickBliss Services which include facials, waxes, and targeted touchups under 30 minutes and I did have somewhere else to be that afternoon.

The only thing I can say I was disappointed in was everything up until the facial. The duo who greeted me weren't too friendly or helpful. When I asked where the bathroom was, they told me "up the steps, go find them." Well, I had never been there before so after wandering and clearly not finding steps I gave up. Maybe it was because I chose a QuickBliss Service, but I don't love that they have you sit in the front waiting area instead of letting you go to a more quiet waiting room because I didn't love watching and overhearing a woman's manicure that was going on a few feet in front of me.

The facial itself went great. My facialist Jaye and I had a great time talking and she did an amazing job and it left my skin feeling amazing afterward. One of my biggest pet peeves is product-pushing which I know is a part of many jobs in the cosmetic industry but I appreciated that once I was done I didn't feel forced to purchase anything when Jaye showed me the products she had used on me.

Overall, I would say if you want a more relaxing experience opt for one of their regular facials or body treatments because it seems like with the QuickBliss you don't get the full relaxing spa experience which is what I was hoping for. I can see myself going back to a Bliss Spa (most likely the one in Downtown Boston) because I love their products and aside from everything leading up to the appointment I had a good time.

541 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10022
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