August 13, 2014

Blogging Business: Behind the Gram

I've been seeing a lot of these posts lately, and thought it would be fun to do one of my own! I find it interesting what people (bloggers especially) choose to share on social media and these posts are just too funny because don't we all try to post an "artsy" instagram every once in a while?

Instagram: OOTD and a green smoothie
Real Life: I really was drinking that smoothie but figured I should change out of sweats for the photo, and proceeded to spill said smoothie on the top of my pants and struggled for a good 20 minutes to take a photo from a good angle before washing the jeans.

Instagram: A pretty cupcake and a magazine
Real Life: I bought that cupcake from a food truck earlier in the day and was thinking of the best way to instagram it, and it just so happens that I got that magazine in the mail that day so why not post them in a photo together?

Instagram: A pretty donut
Real Life: I was driving out of NYC and when my sister saw the Holey Donuts, we pulled over, jumped out, and ran inside. I wasn't even hungry for a donut/planning on instagramming but saw how cute they were and knew I had to do it.

Instagram: Posing on an mosaic wall
Real Life: I was driving in Philadelphia with my mom and when I realized we were about to pass the Magic Gardens, I knew I had to take a picture since I hadn't instagrammed in a few days, so I pulled the car into someone's driveway for five minutes, had my mom take some photos, and drove home.

I hope this gives you some insight into what the life of a blogger is, which is not as glam/cool as it may seem through the lens of social media. 
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