October 5, 2014

Beauty Sales Week of October 5th

  • Best Beauty Buys: Up to 80% Off (Sale begins 9pm ET 10/5)
  • Luxe Salon & Spa Essentials (Sale begins Noon ET 10/7)
  • Beauty Buzz: Flawless-Face Essentials (Sale begins Noon ET 10/9)

  • La Fresh Travel Wipes, Pure Brazilian Keratin Treatment (Sales begin 8am PT 10/5)
  • #ManiMonday: Gelliebeans, Manna Kadar Cosmetics, Nest Fragrances (Sales begin 8am PT 10/6)
  • Aesthetica Cosmetics, Baby Quasar (Sales begin 8am PT 10/7)
  • Bellezza Hair Tools, Kate Somerville (Sales begin 8am PT 10/8)
  • Pur Minerals, Swissco Beauty Tools (Sales begin 8am PT 10/9)
  • DermaHeal Skincare, Vincent Longo Cosmetics (Sales begin 8am PT 10/10)
  • Brazabra Beauty Solutions (Sale begins 8am PT 10/11)

  • Diego Dalla Palma Beauty & More (Sale begins 9am PT 10/7)
  • Foutain of Youth: Anti-Aging Skincare (Sale begins 9am PT 10/8)
  • Fall Makeover: Skincare, Cosmetics & More (Sale begins 9am PT 10/11)

Rue La La:
  • The Scents of Fall Featuring Giorgio Armani (Sale begins 11am ET 10/5)
  • Borghese Skincare: Redeem Online, Save Face with Products by Clinique & More (Sale begins 11am ET 10/6)
  • Pamper Yourself: Panier des Sens Body Care & More (Sale begins 11am ET 10/9)
  • Derma MD (Sale begins 11am ET 10/10)
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