October 29, 2014

Tech Talk: Cinch App

Cinch is a new app that makes decision-making way easier! Get real, unbiased opinions from all Cinch users, your phone contacts, Facebook, Twitter, or Whatsapp friends. Voters can't see what others think until they vote themselves, so you can see what your friends really think about the shoes you're deciding on or your dress for a big date! You can even make your poll public or private depending on how big of a response you're looking for. Even though the Cinch app is for iPhone only, non-iPhone users can vote from their phone's internet browser.

I used Cinch before, during, and after Her Campus' Boston College Fashion Week a few weeks ago and it works great, just check out my screenshots on some of the questions I asked friends for opinions on!

I would definitely recommend Cinch if you are in need of any opinion, on pretty much anything! Whether it be from your friends, or complete strangers, Cinch makes it easy to help you make decisions.

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 I partnered with Cinch through the Her Campus Blogger Network but am not being influenced by any opinions but my own.
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