October 13, 2014

Handling Rejection

September was one of the most difficult months I have had in years. I had never felt so down and bad about myself and it was all due to one thing: rejection. Sure, I've dealt with rejection in the past but everything felt minor in comparison to these two things.

I've dealt with indirect rejection my entire life, mainly from my peers who never seemed to include me. I switched into a different high school for my sophomore year in hopes I would find the lifelong friends I had never been able to keep. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. Out of the 100 "sisters" and "brothers" that I graduated high school with, there is 1 person who I speak to regularly, and that's because we go to college together. I may run into the occasional peer when at home, but it's nothing more than a quick hello and goodbye. This rejection was in-direct for sure but what I'm going through now is much more forward.

Flash forward to today, my sophomore year of college. I was so excited to start the new year and I had two things in mind that were going to make this year better than the rest: a boy and new friends. I won't get into all the details of what happened with either of the situations, but clearly they didn't end how I wanted them to. I can't help but take it personally despite being told by both parties that it was nothing I did wrong, but if that was true, why didn't they want to be with me? What sucks even more is that both parties are completely un-avoidable (thanks Emerson College for being so small) so I see them now more than I did when I did want to see them (if that makes any sense).

Here's what I've been doing to try to get over this rejection:

  • Stop Social Media Stalking: It's inevitable that you'll see photos, statuses, tweets, etc so see how many hours you can go without mindlessly scrolling.
  • Talk it Out: Express yourself. I still don't have closure in either situation but am working towards speaking about it to them.
  • Treat Yourself: I'm sure you're feeling down so treat yourself to something nice, big or small, you deserve it.
  • Count Your Blessings: Think of all the good things you have going for you and work on improving them even more. 
  • Everything Happens For A Reason: Remember this. No matter what. 

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