December 26, 2014

Review: Proactiv+ 30 Days Check-In

I've been using Proactiv+ for just about 30 days now so it's time for a check-in, but first a little background on my skin.

I used to break out a lot around my mouth when I was younger, and today I tend to break out more around the edges of my face and occasionally around my chin, but I have a lot of hyper pigmentation left behind from breakouts of the past that I have been focusing on diminishing over the past several years.

Before starting Proactiv+

30 Days In (it is that time of the month…which I believe explains the breakouts around my mouth, also sorry I look so miserable in these photos, I promise I'm not!)

I've seen the most improvement around my nose, which I didn't even think needed much improving per se. The size of my pores on and around my nose have significantly diminished, which I think is thanks to the Pore Targeting Treatment. However, I think that this product is also the culprit behind the dry and flaky skin I've been (unfortunately) experiencing around my mouth. The Complexion Perfecting Hydrator does help a bit at getting rid of dry skin, but a really good scrub in the shower with the Skin Smoothing Exfoliator will usually do the trick.

Overall, I have been seeing some results that I like so far, but have been experiencing majorly dry skin because of my skincare switch.

 I partnered with Proactiv+ through the Her Campus Blogger Network but am not being influenced by any opinions but my own.
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