February 16, 2015

Tech Talk: Tripda

Tripda is a new matching platform between drivers offering rides and passengers looking to go the same way. Founded in 2014, Tripda's mission is to mainstream ride-sharing, making it a viable, lucrative, and safe transportation method. As a global platform, Tripda is rapidly expanding throughout North America, Latin America, and Asia, available in 13 total countries with 100+ employees worldwide.
Tripda allows you to save & make money by taking and offering rides through their platform. For drivers, you can cut toll, gas and other travel expenses and for passengers, these rides are a much cheaper alternative to most other forms of transportation including air, rail, bus and even driving alone. Tripda is a quick, convenient and safe service that's also eco-friendly, reducing gas consumption, pollution and the number of empty cars on the road.
Tripda is not just a platform, but a community as well, making it easy to find the ideal travel companion based on a common route, forging friendships along the way. Upon creation of your Tripda profile, you can fill out a quick survey about your preferences when it comes to food, music, pets and smoking both as a driver and as a passenger on a Tripda ride. You can easily weed out incompatible preferences to find a like-minded driver and passenger who can transform what would have been a lonely trip into one with a new friend! You can even filter drivers and passengers by affiliation with a certain community such as a university or company and even check if you have mutual Facebook friends.

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image credits: tripda.com
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