April 27, 2015

Review: Neutrogena Naturals Makeup Remover Wipes

Neutrogena Naturals Makeup Remover Wipes ($6.99 for 25 wipes) are the latest addition to the Neutrogena makeup remover collection and Naturals line.

What you'll most likely notice at first when using these wipes is that the texture is a bit rougher compared to your typical Neutrogena wipe, and therefore the aren't as hydrating as the typical wipe as well. While they do a decent job of removing my everyday BB cream, I don't think one could stand up to a full-face of foundation plus eye makeup because I often find myself using more eye makeup remover after using these.

Overall, while these are definitely not my favorite makeup remover wipe I've ever used, they do get the job done and remove your makeup, although you might want to just wash your face twice to be sure that all the makeup is off.

Please note: I did receive these products for free, but am not being compensated in anyway to share my opinions.
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