May 8, 2015

Reflections on Sophomore Year

Yesterday, I attended my last final of my sophomore year of college. aka I'm now a junior. aka I'm halfway done with college. At this time two years ago I was interning as a Web Styling Assistant at the Urban Outfitters HQ in Philadelphia and anxious to graduate from high school, and now I'm dumbfounded that college is halfway done. In about a month, I'm flying home for a few days to see my sister graduate from high school, which is all too surreal for me to think about.

A lot of changes are coming in the upcoming months. I'm living in Boston this summer to intern at Her Campus and continue working at my job, which means I'm subletting an apartment. And in the fall, I have lease starting on an apartment with two friends. I'll miss the convenience of living directly on campus for the past two years, but this is a more inexpensive option for me and I'm pretty excited to have an apartment.
I feel like I really found myself this year. Last year I found out a lot about myself as well, because that's what freshman year is for, but I really found my groove this year. I have a job that I love, I've made some amazing new friends that I cherish, and took on new positions on campus. Something my dad has been telling me throughout my life is to not base my happiness on other's approval, and this has definitely been something that I have had to remind myself countlessly this year.

Thanks to all the amazing people who have helped me find my way over the past school year.
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