July 13, 2015

Page Turner: Rich Bitch by Nicole Lapin

Rich Bitch (n.): A woman who empowers herself by taking control of her finances in order to get what she wants in life.

Rich Bitch by financial journalist and economic expert Nicole Lapin is the guide for any millennial girl through the mumbo jumbo that is the world of finances. Lapin, a CNBC news anchor shares with you her 12-step guide to getting your finances together with a modern and sassy twist, making it easy and enjoyable to read and understand.

What I especially loved about reading this book is that it's targeted towards women (woo!), it's written in plain text, and she let's you know that it's ok to buy your latte everyday, as long you're not splurging in every category of life. There's nothing more that I hate hearing when it comes to finances than "you need to stop spending all together to save," and Nicole faces that old tale, and proves it wrong.
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