August 25, 2015

Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk

I participated in an Ambassador Activation on behalf of Influence Central for the Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

As I shared with you last month, in just 33 days I will be walking in the Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk from Hopkinton to Boston! I'm very excited for the day to come and am very much looking forward to this final month where I will be throwing myself into more rigorous training and [hopefully] fundraising!
Although it is very convenient for me to take the T everywhere I go, I found that since moving to an apartment in May and off-campus, I have grown lazier and have not been walking nearly as much as I did before when it was more convenient to walk to and from work and school. While it can't be an every day task, especially when I'm pressed for time [which is often] or when I have to be somewhere late or early [which is also often], I'm making an effort to walk a little bit more each day to prepare myself for September 27.

Fundraising has been difficult thus far, as a majority of my peers are in a similar 'broke college student boat' as I am. If you have anything extra you'd be willing to contribute to my campaign, I'd be extremely grateful. Cancer is a cause close to me [read more here] and I'm extremely honored to be doing my part to give back to the city that I love as well as those that I love.

I'm sending out an email to my friends and family this week with the help of some of the amazing fundraising tools that the Jimmy Fund team has made available to me! Click here to donate!
Mental preparation for me is equally as important as physical preparation because this is neither an easy feat for the mind or body. I am fully aware that those running the Boston Marathon (which goes along the same route) are much more strict with their training than I have been, but I'm worried more about my mental stability than my physical state for the walk. I'm not a huge fan of group activities, projects or exercises because I constantly find myself comparing how I'm doing to others whether I be putting in more or less effort than someone else.

Ready to lace up? It's time to register! Use the code BLOG to get $5 off your registration! Even if you don't plan on walking one of the four routes, you can always become a virtual walker to show your support.
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