August 27, 2015

My Trip to London 2015

As you most likely know, I spent last week in London with my sister Gabrielle and I wanted to share with you some of what we did each day. We definitely anticipate on going back in a year or so because my sister plans on studying abroad there and if so, I'll definitely take a trip to visit her!

Here's just a few snapshots from my trip of some of the things we did each day!

Travel Day
Getting Ready for Takeoff // On the plane // Our first tube experience // Exploring the area around our hotel

Day One
Double-Decker Bus Tour // Walking the Millennium Bridge // Drinks on the Thames // River Cruise 

Day Two 
London Eye // Buckingham Palace // Audrey Hepburn Exhibit @ National Gallery // Shopping on Oxford Street 

Day Three
Harrods // Victoria & Albert Museum // Kensignton Palace // Notting Hill

Day Four
Tate Modern Museum // Shopping on Carnaby Street // Afternoon Tea // Exploring

Travel Day
Heading to Heathrow // Layover in Germany // On the plane // Landed in Philadelphia

Check out my Instagram and Twitter for more shots and anecdotes from my trip! Have you ever been to London? I'd love to hear about your experience!
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