September 24, 2015

Review: Fresh Cocoa Body Exfoliant

Fresh's Cocoa Body Exfoliant ($45 for 8 oz.) is an indulgent body scrub, formulated with antioxidant-rich cocoa butter and nourishing coconut oil to gently buff and smooth for smooth, scented skin. This scrub is the perfect calorie-free treat your body will crave over and over this fall.
This rich scrub will whisk you away to cocoa paradise with its seductive scent and pleasure-inducing effect. Crushed cocoa and coconut shells are naturally-sourced exfoliants that buff away dry skin, while cocoa butter nourishes and provides necessary skin supplements and coconut oil's nourishing properties soften the skin.

I was given this for consideration by Fresh but am not being influenced by any opinions but my own.
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