January 17, 2016

Beauty Sales Week of January 17th

  • Arganatural Skin Care, The Beauty Edit: Mirenesse (Sales begin 8am PT 1/19)
  • Embroylisse Skin Care, The Beauty Edit: Morphe Brushes (Sales begin 8am PT 1/20)
  • Vivant Skin Care, The Beauty Edit: Luminess Air (Sales begin 8am PT 1/21)
  • Korean Skin Care: Goodall & Soo Ae, The Beauty Edit: Stila (Sales begin 8am PT 1/22)
  • Donna Bella 24K Pro Edition Skin Care, LightStim LED Light Therapy (Sales begin 8am PT 1/23)

  • Living Proof (Sale begins 9am PT 1/19)
  • Manna Kadar Cosmetics (Sale begins 9am PT 1/20)
  • NuFACE (Sale begins 9am PT 1/21)
  • Terre Mère Cosmetics (Sale begins 9am PT 1/23)

  • Love Potion's for all: Featuring Penhaligon's (Sale begins 11am ET 1/19)
  • The Beauty Bar: Prettify with La Prairie & More (Sale begins 11am ET 1/23)
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