April 26, 2016

Tech Talk: Wellcoin

Wellcoin has become my latest obsession, and let me tell you why. Wellcoin is the first app to offer health-related digital currency, where you can exchange healthy living choices for gifts, discounts, and gift cards. Based in Boston [woohoo!] with an operational center in New York City, all in-person redemption occurs in these cities until more national partners are added, hopefully in the near future.

The app is completely free to download and use, and it's so simple to start earning your way towards a Whole Foods gift card, discounts on headphones, and more! Here it is broken down:

-Make a healthy living choice, i.e. healthy lunch, sleeping 7+ hours per night, buying healthy groceries
-Log what you did with a photo
-Added coins for adding your location and sharing to your social media channels
-Earn coins instantly, plus the community will verify your activity for added coins
-Once you rack up enough coins, redeem away!

Yup, it's that easy! It's a part of my everyday routine to log almost whatever I'm doing to earn my coins, I currently have enough that I've racked up over the past month for $20 to spend at my local Whole Foods.
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