April 21, 2016

Think About Your Eyes

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Just as I'm working hard towards nourishing, caring and strengthening my body with a vegetarian and dairy-free diet, and working out multiple times a week, there are things I definitely take for granted, like my eyesight that should not be forgotten. Just like any other muscle, your eyes need regular care to maintain maximum performance. Eye problems can be detected when they're most treatable, in their early stages by getting an annual eye exam.

Promoting the benefits of eye health is a national public awareness campaign, Think About Your Eyes, which encourages comprehensive annual eye exams. Recently, members of Life Time Fitness were surveyed by the Think About Your Eyes team, and it was found that some gym-goers tend to neglect their eye health, despite leading generally health-conscious lifestyles.

In the same study, Think About Your Eyes found that 33% of surveyed members are not getting annual eye exams, but get good marks when it comes to sleep, physicals, and exercise. Unfortunately, I feel like I totally fall within this category, because as someone who gets 7+ hours of sleep almost every night, eats a mostly plant based diet, and works out at least 4-5 times per week, I haven't had an eye exam in longer than I would like to admit. I also fall within the category, as I've said, of working out to strengthen my muscles every day, but it's definitely time that I focus on muscles other than those in my legs and core.

Continuing on that, I make my bed every single morning. It's the first thing I do before a few stretches and sun salutations and start my day. Even if I'm in a huge rush, I always make my bed, along with 2/3 people surveyed, which is the same amount of people that get an annual eye exam, but I am not one of them.
I am nearsighted, so I do wear my prescription glasses when I'm driving, at the movies, or if I can't see something on a board in class. It's no excuse, but I haven't gotten an eye exam since well before I came to college, probably when I was in high school and realized I was having a hard time seeing in class. 

Visit the Think About Your Eyes professional eye care locator to find a doctor near you and schedule an appointment.
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